We seek to find clients who, Iike us, are interested in architecture and craft, the honest use of interesting materials and the resolution of design elements in an open design forum. These kinds of clients tend to be excited by what architecture can do beyond the obvious. We are all concerned with “function” and we do not take that word lightIy, but both our practice and our clients are interested and committed to much more than mere function.

We attempt to forge a creative balance between ourselves and our clients; thereby creating trust, confidence and mutual respect. We would like to consider our work similar to that of surgeon’s; whereby the client is asked to describe the symptom(s)/problem(s) in as much detail as is possible and the treatment or solution is determined by the doctor/architect in conjunction with the desires of the client. Each project is unique and a quick review of the work contained on this website will illustrate the broad range of architectural solutions that have evolved to fit the varying needs/desires of our clients.

Although a client’s budget is critical, it is not the fundamental issue that determines the success of a project. Modest budgets can produce beautiful results if the owner and the architect realize these constraints early on and work together to explore effective alternatives to expensive traditional design strategies.

There are not certain kinds of projects that excite us more than others, nor is size of any importance either, We have worked on projects from 1,200sf to 12,000sf and both were exciting and yielded successful results.   Commercial, residential- it makes little difference to us. What really counts is the nature of the mix between our firm and you: our next client.