Article in Architectural Record- 6.1.2015

An attempt to capture the architectural aspects of the Dresner Residence. It was written
by an author who never visited the project, the text fails to capture the spirit of the
home and the photo selection was very poor. Other than that, a great article. The good
news is that LD is in love… with the house!

Article in The Wall Street Journal- 8.12.2014

This article was written one month after move-in.  By this point in time, our client was just settling into her new home and all of the furnishings and art were still being adjusted and we were working on the punch-list.  Written from our clients point-of-view, the article is mostly about her and her art and furniture.  More complete architectural photos can be found on our site.


Award from the Ann Arbor Historic District Commission- 6.16.2014

The City of Ann Arbor gave us an award for the renovation work that has been undertaken over the past 19 years at the Sivak Residence.  Due to the fact that we are big fans of mid-century architecture, and Case Study Houses in particular, it was easy to steer the renovation and upkeep work in the direction of “preservation”.  Understanding the original work was first and foremost- extending those intentions was secondary.


Article in The Detroit News- 4.5.2011

This article ran in the Detroit New prior to us starting construction on the Drenser Residence in Birmingham, Michigan.  By the time the project was completed and the landscaping installed, attitudes had completely changed.


Article in the New York Times- 6.30.2007

This article ran just prior to the opening of the Floating Swimming Pool.  We were in a mad dash to get the pool approved by the Health Department- no approval meant no opening day.  We worked as hard and as intelligently as possible and in the twelfth hour, our permit was granted.  In case anybody was wondering, the photograph of the architect was completely staged!