The architectural work of SSA is not easy to categorize in the traditional sense. Founded in 1992, the firm focuses on the use of craft and materiality in the built environment. This focus is achieved by the firm’s open mindedness to a broad range of products, materials and techniques and incorporating these into the design and construction of their projects. This focus is then taken one step further by working closely with those who use these materials on a daily basis thereby insuring the proper utilization of the materials and methods.

As architects we strive to remove the artificial distinction between design and construction. For us, the architectural investigations that we undertake are never complete until the projects are built and inhabited. Ultimately, we believe that our interest in construction makes for better architecture.

The firm’s desire is to merge the above themes with the client’s goals, needs and aspirations. This approach creates structures and spaces that are unique and specifically tailored and which simultaneously surpass the requirements and desires of our clients. The firm enjoys solving design problems in unique ways and prides itself on the relative simplicity of many past projects. The firm’s solutions are never commonplace nor are they excessively unique for the sake of merely being unique.